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Complete Auto Repair
316 East Fillmore Street Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Auto Repair

Being an auto repair shop we strive to be the best in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We do so by being your one-stop shop for any of the following repairs or services for the best running vehicles in the city! 

Services We Offer!

General Services

      - Oil Changes

      - Transmission flushes

      - Brake flush / Brake replacement


      - Turn rotors in house

      - Coolant Flushes

      - Power steering Flushes

      - Tires / Tire repair and balance

      - Differential Services

      - Routine maintenance checks

      - AC recharge

      - Alternators

      - Drive belts

      - Batteries 

      - Headlight restoration


      - Computer diagnostics 

      - Drivability 

      - Electrical

      - Engine performance

      - Tune-ups

      - Fuel injection services

      - Re-flashing/ Reprogramming 

Major Repairs

      - Alignments

      - Suspension

      - Timing belts

      - Intakes manifolds

      - Head gaskets 

      - Radiators replacement

      - Heater-cores

      - Engine Replacement

      - Transmission replacement

      - U-joints

      - Ball joints

      - Water pumps

      - Rack and pinions

      - Hubs

      - Fuel pumps


We provide routine checklists for your convenience so you know what kind of shape you vehicle is in
We use one of the best tool to diagnose your vehicle, and that check engine light
We provide various repairs which sometimes require digging deep to get the job done right

Products we offer and their benefits.

We offer some of the best products for your vehicle and recommended by mechanics

BG Products.

BG products are top of the line and number one in their industry. Their products provide several benefits for your vehicle. They offer products that are the best cleaners and conditioners for just about any service your vehicle may require from AC services to power steering flushes. We strongly recommend BG for transmission flushes, Power steering flushes, engine purges, and also fuel injection services. They help clean all critical components in your vehicle and help extend the life of any service you can find its use for.   

We use the best additives for your fuel system and injectors


Techron is a simple do it yourself additive, and number one recommend by mechanics. its best benefits are for the entire fuel system. It helps clean your fuel lines, breaks down, grime that plugs fuel injectors. It also breaks down the carbon build up in valves and maintains a cleaner catalytic converter, which is a huge money save.